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 TELESPACE was established in 1980 in Toronto, Canada, initially as a satellite control consulting company, providing support to the Canadian Government and aerospace and telecommunications industries. By 1985 the small company was becoming renowned around the world and was invited by the Government of Brazil, INMARSAT and EUTELSAT to assist them in their emerging communications satellite programs. From then on TELESPACE grew rapidly, expanding its consulting activities to cover all segments of a satellite system, and playing a key role in the communications satellite systems of many countries as well as regional and internatnaioal satellite organizations.

In 1991 TELESPACE was hired by the Government of Thailand to be the overall consultant for the new THAICOM communications satellite project. The first THAICOM satellite was launched successfully in December 1993 followed a year later by the second THAICOM satellite.

In 1995 the national telephone company of Norway, Telenor, has appointed TELESPACE as the overall technical consultant for the Thor II and Thor III communications satellite programs. Both satellites were launched and deployed successfully, respectively in 1997 and 1998, and now TELESPACE is working on the next generation satellite Thor IV which will incorporate the latest Internet technology.

Along the way TELESPACE has helped Israel launch its first communications satellite AMOS and supported other major satellite telecommunications organizations and launch service providers around the world, as well as several Internet service providers and financial institutions funding new satellite ventures.

Today, having participated in many of the world's communications satellite programs, TELESPACE has become one of the leading satellite communications consulting companies, active in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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