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Our Customers

INMARSAT (International) Instituto des Pesquisas Espaciais 
INTELSAT (International) International Launch Services (USA)
British Satellite Broadcasting (UK) International Launch Services (USA)
Canadian Space Agency Israel Aircraft Industries (Israel)
CNCP Telecommunications (Canada) PERUMTEL (Indonesia)
COMSAT (USA) Shaw Communications (Canada)

Hughes satellite in spaceHughes Launch
Comision Nacional Espaciales (Argentina) Shinawatra Satellite Co. (Thailand)
Defense Systems Inc. (USA) Societe Europeenne des Satellites (Luxembourg)
EMBRATEL (Brazil) SPAR Aerospace (Canada)
European Space Agency Tadiran Communications (Israel)
GE AMERICOM (USA) Telenor Satellite Services (Norway)
GTE/SPACENET (USA) Union Bank of Switzerland
Government of Canada WESTERN UNION (USA)
Tracking Station

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